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Antrodia Cinnamomea Complex Extracts
Antrodia Cinnamomea Complex Extracts
Regulates Physiological functions, Nourishing the Body, Boosts Physical Strength
The product is rich of various of mycelium and valuable ginsenosides, that can offer widely supplements, regulate physiological function, nourishing the body, boosting physical strength. It offers comprehensive supplement and makes you full of energy every day.
  • Antrodia cinnamomea mycelium, Phellinus igniarius mycelium, Cordyceps mycelium, and ginseng extracts; provides four-in-one nourishment.
  • Exclusive patented process, rigorous quality assurance.
  • We have obtained NT$20 million in liability insurance for this product.




Antrodia Cinnamomea Complex Extracts: New Arrival