Company Overview

Innovative R&D, Trustworthiness, in It for the Long Run

Established in 2010, the Wellhead Biological Technology Corp. upholds a business philosophy of "Innovative R&D, trustworthiness, in it for the long run," takes research innovation as its core competence, and has a goal of producing and marketing internationally-oriented, beneficial human health products. Wellhead possesses an international R&D team with members including experts and scientists possessing Ph.D. degrees in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. Our R&D team is engaging in product R&D and applications, and research focal points include selection of fermenting fungal strains, use of bioconversion methods, synthesis of ginsenoside derivatives, toxicological experiments, cellular activity experiments, and animal experiments. We are currently used our patented "functional group fungal bioconversion method" developed in-house for the industrial-scale mass production of ginsenosides; this method's cost is only 1/10th - 1/100th that of the methods used by other international production companies, and it is therefore highly competitive. We have completed cellular in vitro and animal in vivo activity experiments involving rare ginsenosides, and are continuing to make progress toward our new drug development goals. Our current new drug development and patent application directions include the development of new dosage forms, new formulations, and new indications. Wellhead has achieved impressive R&D results since the time it was founded. Apart from the foregoing new drug development progress, Wellhead's technologies and products also include a health care product series, nutritional supplement series, beauty system series, and biological fertilizer series, all of which have earned the trust and affirmation of consumers and customers.

Wellhead's Company Overview