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Congratulations!! The Wellhead research and development ginsenoside M1 in the treatment of kidney disease outcomes press conference success
Event HighlightsPost Date: 2019-01-04

On December 27th, Wellhead Biological Technology Corp. held a press conference at The Sherwood Taipei. After 20 years of research and development, Wellhead finally found Ginsenoside M1 can be used to treat lupus nephritis and IgA nephropathy, which already certified by US invention patent (United States Patent No.: US 9,844,560) and EU invention patent certification (EU Patent No. EP3137089; EP3137090). Such great achievement compensate current kidney treatment drugs can only inhibit symptom but lacking cure ability. We brought dawn to the world's 700 million kidney patients and turn over a new page in the history of medication.

Mr. Ding Yuanchao, former director of Public Affairs Office of the Presidential Office, Mr. You Minghao, Deputy General Manager of Hua Nan Financial Holdings Venture Capital, and Mr. Dai Weiheng, Chairman of the Board of Huayuan Hui Capital of Benyuan Group, attended the press conference together with many media reporters. All witness and recorded the astonishing achievement in research and development of biomedicine!

Event Highlights