American Ginseng

American Ginseng Gift Box Set G
American Ginseng Gift Box Set G
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Wellhead had launched the new product - "American Ginseng Gift Box"! We now have several types of gift boxes for you to choose from. The gift boxes are composed of ginseng candy, powder, or teabag, all 100% made of American ginseng from Wisconsin, US. The package design is based on red and golden colors and the simple ginseng pattern, representing the joyful festive atmosphere and the best wishes we want to share with you. We believe our "American Ginseng Gift Box" will be the best choice for you!
  • American Ginseng Gift Box Set G:
    Set G includes American ginseng powder (30 pcs) and American ginseng tea - astragalus & wolfberry flavor (5 pcs).
American Ginseng Gift Box